Everyone is an artist

The previous PCV (Peace Corps Volunteer) left us a bunch of empty tin cans with labels removed. We have added to the collection and have also found these to be quite convenient for storage for everything from pens and pencils to forks and knives.

For those of you who know Teresa well, you know that arts and crafts is not her strong point despite what Janis always tried to tell her. Well, today, inspiration hit. She had nature and ocean conservancy 2015 calendars with amazing pictures that she didn’t want to part with and Voila! (The undecorated cans with holes in them in the background of the picture are candle holders- left by the previous PCV)

Watch out! When we get home, this could be the Christmas present everyone gets.

decorated cans

3 thoughts on “Everyone is an artist

  1. You two never cease to amaze. Teresa and spiders and handicrafts!!?? Either this is a truly transformative experience or the “end of days” will be on us soon. Hoping for the former because I can’t wait for the next letter. Thank you so much for keeping us involved. Linda


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