A Good Day

At the end of each term school gets pretty loose.  The students are pretty much done and the teachers are trying to get all the exams graded.  Basically the Kids just hang out.  This year our Guidance and Counseling teacher brought in a couple of programs and they were great.  However, I was asked by a class for some HIV facts they could use for their skit.  I asked what skit and they said they were doing one on Thursday afternoon.  I asked around for who was setting this up so I could see if I could help and couldn’t find any teachers who knew anything about it.  Finally found out the SRC (Student Representative Council) had set it up and each class was supposed to do something.  Thursday afternoon came and most of the students brought their chairs to the hall and each class did present something.

The younger Form 1s (8th grade) did ok and the Form 2s did even better but the Form 3s were just absolutely awesome.  All of this was in Setswana so I didn’t understand a word but totally got most of what they were trying to say.  One was where the girl was fighting with her parents and then she left, went to a party, went to the clinic and got her diagnosis for HIV and of course was devastated.  Dad kicked her out.

Another was when the teacher was lecturing the class on HIV and the students acted out about how they’ve heard all of this and threatened to leave the class.  The inevitable party and then the visit to the Clinic where the girl got her diagnosis and was again devastated by now being HIV positive.  Involved male, when told, pretty much blew her off. I think, can’t be sure since I really don’t know what they said.

They were amazing performances created by the students for the students.  The only real sad part was that there two other staff and I attending, none of the teachers saw the performances.

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