“Lazy” Sunday


Looked out our living room window today and this is what we saw. We loved it. They epitomize how we are feeling. It is very hot (going to 99 today) and remember- no AC. Fan is helping but not much.

Got up early and attacked the grass. Batswana do not like grass. We think I’ve said this before. Snakes hide in them (you know the expression- a snake in the grass is taken literally here). Shovels are short handled which makes them more Teresa’s size than Gary’s. We also have a rake, spade and weeding tool (although a better one is on its way from America). Ironic that Gary spent the last two years landscaping our dirt yard in Phoenix just to go back to square one with the dust.

When you have a dirt yard and the dust storm hits and your doors and windows are open because it is bloody hot, well, need I say more. Let’s add no water to spare for cleaning and… you OCD types should have stopped reading by now- sorry I didn’t put in a disclaimer.

So, happy November and the start of the holiday season…Stay cool or warm depending on where you’re at.

Now, to finish Batman Begins…

One thought on ““Lazy” Sunday

  1. Not excited to hear about snakes, I hope you don’t encounter any. Wish I could magically cool you off! I will email you later today or tomorrow to talk about stuff to send you. We are home now and I should have time this week to get it done. Just have a few questions, though. Thinking about you often!


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