Final hurdle jumped

Or so we hope. Gary received his final medical clearance today. Teresa got hers two weeks ago. Our departure date has also been moved up and given travel to the East coast takes a whole day, looks like we will be leaving Phoenix on July 31. We also received our “mentor” assignment today. Each volunteer is given a mentor who is currently in Botswana.  We have participated on one conference call and one google hangout with more of both to come. Lots of tips about what to bring and what not to bother with. Still very intimidating but when we get back from our cross country trip, we will focus and figure it out. In the meantime, having a great time seeing the USA , appreciating the creature comforts we take for granted, and reconnecting with old friends.  Been studying Setswana pretty intently too!

3 thoughts on “Final hurdle jumped

  1. THe excitement is mounting for all of us as you are getting closer and closer to making this really happening. Ron Ronald P. Sekkel, Past District Governor Rotary International District 5170 Site Administrator Rotacare Bay Area, Santa Cruz Clinic

    (C) (831) 588-7004 (E) (M) Post Office Box 591 Capitola, CA 95010 USA

    Edward Everett Hale put it well:

    “It`s true I am only one. But I am one. And the fact that I cannot do everything will not prevent me from doing what I can do.”

    Think how much better the world would be if more of us just did what we could do


    1. We had a “Wild Women” party today to celebrate a visit from Dixie, and talked about you and your fantastic adventure. What fun to check my e-mail and find a message from you!

      A community is made up of those who share a gift in common (from “God’s Hotel”).

      Denise Becker


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