Getting Ready

sunset and elepants It’s now almost one year since we applied- hard to believe.  But, the house is sold and we are camping in it until the closing on Thursday. Then Gary goes to Phoenix and Teresa stays to work until middle to late May.  Finishing up with the plethora of medical tests- people said it was the hardest part and it really is.  We have way too much stuff for storage so will need to cut back some more. Bittersweet times- going to miss the view of the woods outside our windows and the walk in our “private reserve” but we are also excited about the adventure ahead.  And who can complain about views such as this.

One thought on “Getting Ready

  1. I enjoyed your going away party, such a good food and a chance to hear details about your trip and see you once more before you leave, and a chance to meet a new neighbor! I hope you’re past the bitter part soon.


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