Right outside our front door this morning were 4 female donkeys, 3 babies and dear old dad  (who is a bit of a bully but today was protecting his harem ).  This shot is of the youngest baby- we are guessing less than a day old  (and you can see dad in upper left- the dirty white one with 2 birds on his back. )   Unfortunately, the whole family did not cooperate for a Christmas/ Hanukkah portrait.

Wishing everyone peace and happiness this  Christmas/ Hanukkah eve.

3 thoughts on “HAPPY HOLIDAYS

  1. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah from this part of the world to you in that part of the world! Keresemose e monate le ngwaga o itumedisang!


  2. Happy Holidays to you. We hope that life is treating you well in Africa. We will be moving to Phoenix in January to be closer to my work. We will be a few miles north of where your house is.



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