Life as A PCV

We decided to keep track of some of the things that amuse us and will share them from time to time.

You know It’s  Summertime when…

– You want to do laundry because it is a chance to get wet

–   You linger just a little longer than necessary when looking for something in the freezer

–  It’s time to defrost the freezer and you are looking forward to it

–  You get to share what’s left of your cooltime  (icee ) with the cute baby on the combi

Gary sharing his melted cool time icee


-Doing laundry counts as hand exercise

-Clearing all vestiges of grass from yard doubles for  a rowing machine

New Perspectives

Gave Gary dessert in a plastic container leftover from an event. His first comment is did they serve all of these in individual plastic containers? Yes they did. Wow- great containers. (Watch for us on a future season of HOARDERS)

– Teresa: What can we use this broken ice cube tray for

Gary: Not sure but maybe something

Teresa: Ok let’s keep it. You never know

(Now this same conversation any time in the past 37 years of marriage before Peace Corps)

Teresa: Name 3 uses for this broken ice cube tray

Gary: Uh, um, not sure, but you never know

Teresa: It’s out of here !

 Strange  Conversations and  Pastimes :

Talking to chickens : Particularly  Mama  One  (who has adopted us )-  How many chicks this time ?  There were 5 yesterday- Today there are 4- what happened  Mama  One ?

 Talking to  Goats :  You can stay in the yard as long as you eat the thorny plants and not the fig tree.  That’s it- out of here-  We told you- leave the fig tree alone.

 Our  Idea of  Adventure

Use a  Saturday morning medical appointment  as an excuse to take a new combi to two new malls  (new to us that is ), find little of interest except this poor car, and end up walking 5k because we are sure that  OUR combi should come along any time soon.

Saturday adventure excitement

 We wish you all a very  Happy  Holiday  Season and  New  Year !  Looking forward to seeing many of you in 2017.  Expected date to arrive back in  Phoenix is  November 10 after a 4-6 week trip mostly in southern  Spain and  France including 4 days at a cooking school.


Mall Santa Botswana style

Sunset Over Gaborone Dam

3 thoughts on “Life as A PCV

  1. Merry Christmas to you both!!! funny post!! did you throw the ice try away?? You’re in our thoughts and prayers!! Yea, you will be home soon!!! looking forward to seeing you. And your cooking class wow!! looking forward to the food!!! Lot’s of Love, God Bless, Merry Christmas!!! Happy New Year!!


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