Ten Things

Sitting around today we’ve been talking about what we miss  most about life in the U.S.  This is not intended to be a list of complaints about our life here. We are actually quite content and happy with what we do have.  Our experience thus far has just made us realize how much we take for granted.  We don’t stop often enough and just appreciate what we have when we have it. Guess that is one of the fundamental ways that service in the Peace Corps changes you.

The following is a list of the Ten Things we are most thankful we have back in the U.S.:

10. Being able to go out to eat or order in when we just don’t feel like cooking.(Corollary: Microwave oven for reheating things we do make ourselves like pizza)

9. Having pets

8. Flush toilet without worrying about how much water we are using

7. Consistent and dependable running water

6. AC when the temperature is over 90 degrees for more than a day or t      two

5. Having a car

4. Washing machine

3. Any recycling at all!

2. Curbside recycling

1. Regular trash pickup

But, then again- We don’t have this outside our front door in the US…

more mom and baby


2 thoughts on “Ten Things

  1. Am really appreciating technology, along your lines of thought, that allows us to partake in your adventures from afar. So glad you are doing the blog, it’s so interesting and fun!


  2. Thanks for the list. I always miss Amerian plumbing, And to think I had someone send us twisties for plastic bags when we were living in England. IYou never know what wiill set you off. I’m just thankful you can send us all these stories. Linda


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