Helicopter MOM!

bataleur eagle

We were sitting at our computers diligently working on our PC reporting form when we heard a major ruckus in our backyard. We looked out our window and a mama chicken (there are currently two mamas with a total of 13-not sure how many each) was screaming her head off and her chicks were nowhere in sight. Looking closer we saw this guy sitting on our clothes line. He flew down and she went at him so he backed off. Following a couple minute stand off (during which Teresa was able to get this shot), he flew off and four of the chicks emerged from under some bricks. (ok- could be a She eagle)

It appears to be a young Bataleur Eagle (but if there are any bird experts reading this, feel free to correct us). Another possibility is the Tawny Eagle but the face looks more like the Bataleur.

The next day, we got this shot and all chicks are accounted for although this only shows 6. While we are sorry Mr/Ms Eagle went hungry, we would prefer not having brunch be one of our own.

mom and 6 chicks

We wish we had seen her from the beginning when she decided to hide her chicks- maybe next time. Chickens have a reputation for not being the smartest animal but this was a brilliant display of resourcefulness.

The closeness and reality of nature is so powerful and immediate. This is one of the things we love most about being here. Our neighbors think we are crazy- they just accept it all as “normal”. Maybe in 2 years we will too.

Since we probably won’t post again before tomorrow- we wish everyone a very happy and healthy new year!



2 thoughts on “Helicopter MOM!

  1. Great picture.  Happy New Year. Taking dad to lunch today with Doug, Holly, Sara, Travis and kids and Ann.  Everyone is doing okay. Is Alisha having back surgery or has she has it  What about her blood count?  Hope she doing okay.  She is not on Facebook much anymore.  Josh called last night  (30th) for dad’s phone number.  Love you guys. 

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