Rules of the Road


Basically, there are none. Oh, there are lane markers and stop signs and stop lights but these are mere suggestions, seemingly not legal requirements. And what do these donkey pictures have to do with it. Absolutely nothing but two moms and their babies were hanging outside our gate all morning and Teresa took lots of pictures that will get posted periodically because she can’t choose between them and yes she is obsessed.  Karen understands!

At best, a stop sign means downshift one gear from where you are at.

Blinking red means the same as no light or a green light. Not sure why they even bother with lights at all.

Technically, this is a drive on the left hand side country, like England. But poor road conditions on your “assigned” side or a too slow driver in front of you are perfectly acceptable reasons to use the other lane for as long as you need to.  Or until another car approaches from the other direction. Then, it’s a game of chicken. The other option, of course, is to pass on the left which means leaving the roadway since most roads are two lanes. This may sound like no big deal but remember this is opposite so the normal passing side is the right and we did say-leave the roadway. Carpe diem!

Speaking of chickens- chickens, goats, donkeys and cows do get respect and do get slowed down for (forgive the bad grammar). They will even get honked at which they actually respond to. Technically, one is to put one’s flashers on when confronted by crossing wildlife (domestic or otherwise). We have observed it happening on at least one or two occasions- the flashing that is, the stopping and waiting- many times. Dogs and people- not so respected. It’s every dog and person for themselves out there. Let’s not even start on the fate of bicyclists. If we get bikes it will be to explore the depths of our village, not to venture out where cars might attack us sooner than a lion or a rhino might.

Then of course there is the stopping wherever you want because you just saw your friend/relative/acquaintance and need to greet them appropriately- Dumela Rra. O tsogile jang? or if this is the second time today- O tlotse jang? And them you- Sentle, Le kae? (that’s the short version)

But, in the end- it works. Drivers allow other drivers back in when faced with the prospect of a head on collision.  Sometimes it feels like a dance but everyone seems to know the steps and no signs of road rage- EVER!

I do appreciate why the PC doesn’t want us driving and I can hardly wait until we have visitors and decide to rent a car (we are allowed if/when on vacation). Watch out Botswana!



2 thoughts on “Rules of the Road

  1. I have so enjoyed all your posts. You are so totally immersed, yet still apart. It must feel very strange at times. I love all your posts and your insights. Linda


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