Baby Donkey


baby donkey

OK- not the most exciting blog post but since it is serving as our journal, you get to suffer Teresa’s obsession with animals. Was battening down the hatches for a dust storm (the picture isn’t out of focus but seen through a haze of dust) when Teresa saw this baby donkey running around like crazy.  Pretty sure he is very close to newborn. Did get some video but still working on uploading it as  had to use the phone since Gary has the camera in Ghanzi where he gets to see lions. Teresa got to share the bed with a spider while the power was off so the battle was by flashlight. Yes, she survived, the spider not sure about it (Sprayed with Doom but he disappeared) and actually slept in the bed afterwards.For those of you who know about Teresa and spiders, this is a major accomplishment. (Doom is the equivalent of Raid but smells better).

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