storm nov 17 2015

We’ve been having storms all week but on Tuesday night it was incredible. Amazing lightning (thunder and thank goodness- PULA (rain). Teresa was just trying for the lake that our front yard had become but got lucky and got a shot of some of the lightning- which went on for ours- unlike our power which went out for 24 hours which is why she didn’t post sooner.

The upside of losing power for that long is that the freezer defrosted (luckily not the meat that was in there too). We saved the ice chunks which are currently melting and will be used for toilet flushing. Now that is water conservation! Take note California!

3 thoughts on “STORM!

  1. Really enjoying your posts! Happy to hear you are adjusting, enjoying your adventure, and moving into your work. Teresa, all went well with Mark’s transplant surgery. Just had the four month post-op checkup and enjoyed being back in PDX. All the best, Amy


  2. Your adventure continues! Just returned from week in Chiapas. We know all about flushing with a bucket. A week of it was enough for us. John actually didn’t mind the cold water bucket showers: Linda not so much. Don’t stop letting us know what and how you are doing. Love Linda


  3. Thought you were in Cuba! At least our bucket baths include hot water. Don’t mind the bucket flushes except that I feel guilty using water. It has now been 12 days and our supplies are dwindling. We should have gotten water 5 days ago but power outages have messed that up. Power just came back after the latest 48 hour shutdown. We had to cook all the meat in our freezer and have been eating the contents of the refrigerator best we can. But looks like we made it without losing anything. Now, if power holds, water comes back and we get a fresh tank of gas- we will be golden! Let me just say that kindles are the probably the best invention of the 21st century!


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