As you could tell from the previous post, we have arrived. The flight was long but not unbearable. The 5 hour wait in the Johannesburg airport was the hardest part. Gary’s bag (and those of 1 7others) arrived today. Plane from Johannesburg was a prop jet and just can’t handle the intense baggage of 77 Peace Corps volunteers at the same time.

I am afraid that right now Internet is too slow to be able to post any pictures so we’ll have to see how that goes in our next location. I am even having my son post entries for me so even I can’t see what I’m posting or what your are saying.

Right now we are still in Gaborone and have 2 days of training before matching with our host families on Thursday and starting pre-service training in earnest. Think about going to an all day workshop and multiply that by 11 weeks straight! It is grueling just to sit still for that long and try to focus, never mind the jet lag. We are very spoiled right now though and with hot running water and electricity, we are living like royalty. The hotel food is pretty good. Did try bogobe (sorghum porridge) today at lunch. Kind of like cream of wheat but the consistency of polenta.  On Thursday we go to Molepolole and meet our host families. It is about an hour from Gaborone.

So far we have filled out immigration papers, received our mosquito net and super-duper first aid kit, signed forms to get our bank account, got our first allotment of “walking around money” (125 pula which is about $12.50 US) and had our first Setswana lesson. All the studying we did is paying off as it isn’t as overwhelming

and is good to finally hear the correct pronunciation of words. Tomorrow is our meeting with the medical officer and a trip to immigration.

The weather is great- very cold at night/early morning but heats up nicely during the day. Haven’t seen much other than the ride from the airport to the hotel- looks a lot like a town in Guatemala actually.

May not be able to post again for a while. Our love to everyone. For those of you who know Peggy Flynn- she is doing great and is one of our trainers.

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  1. Teresa
    What a treat to hear from you…love your post. An incredible adventure you and Gary have signed on for. Really looking forward to following your adventures. Miss you at City Hall. We had our all day dhead retreat yesterday lots of good work ahead of all of us too
    Take care, be safe


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